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Bees at Huntley

What a rollercoaster last year was, with lots of excitements, disappointments and a very sharp, but fascinating, learning curve for me. As a result, Evan Mackay (@oakfield_honey) and I have decided to share this year’s journey of hive life at Huntley. But first, a little bit of a back story….

Things started well last year and, despite the very un-bee-friendly weather, they produced about 26 jars of delicious honey.

Sadly, later in the year, Evan discovered abnormalities in two hives and consulted Tom Williamson, NI’s chief bee inspector, only to learn that they had been infected with EFB (European Foul Brood), which is “when larvae become infected by consuming contaminated food fed by the nurse bees”. You can find out more at www.britishbeevets.com

It was a profoundly sad day when these two colonies had to be destroyed to stop the spread of the disease and the hives have since been removed and decontaminated.

New year, new everything and they have now been replaced by brand new hives – some more pink, blue and yellow ones and, the latest, pink and green. We just love the funky colours and it seems that the bees do too!

There’s been lots of activity in the last few weeks and we’re excited to share it with you, so watch this page for more news!


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